Life of the nuns

The nuns of the Order of Preachers originated from a group of Cathar women, leading a common life of prayer and penance at Fanjeaux (France), at the beginning of the thirteenth century. Converted by the preaching of Saint Dominic and returned to the Catholic Church, these women wished to preserve their way of life. In 1206/1207 they settled at the foot of the village of Fanjeaux, in the hamlet of Prouilhe and gradually acquired a monastic type of organisation. The sisters’ reason to live is prayer: prayer sung in choir, silent prayer in the oratory, and the reading of the Word of God. This prayer is nourished every day at the Eucharistic table during Mass and becomes fruitful in an intense proclamation of the Kingdom which is realized through the witness of their life and their prayer of intercession for the whole world.